Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey Obama! I have a bracelet tooooOooo!!

NYPo Critiques Palin's Outfits

Hey, did you guys know that Sarah Palin is an ordinary hockey mom who's just like the rest of us? After all this time, I've never picked that up. But Robin Givhan, poorly reigning in her annoyance, discovers this breaking news and gives us a complete rundown of why Palin is just so gosh-darn average.

Her clothes don't have the aura of sophistication like that of Michelle Obama's sheaths and pearls. They do not have a patina of glamour like Cindy McCain's heiress wardrobe. And they do not announce themselves with the confidence, assertiveness and listen-to-me-ness of Sen. Hillary Clinton's bold pantsuits. Palin's clothes are common ... There is nothing remotely striking about her eyeglasses. It's only notable in an age of contact lenses and Lasik surgery that anyone in the public spotlight regularly wears them at all...

ZOMG!!11 BUT EVERY1 GETS LASIKK!?! Unless you live in some backwoods place where they don't even have those laser machine thingy-s. Get with the times, Pali Pal! Everybody's doing it! Commenter jeff07080 points out:
everyone knows why Hillary doesn't wear skirts.Her testicles would show.

Skirts, not pantsuits.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughts on the debate postponement

Obama wants to talk. McCain wants to work.

As usual.

After an extremely serious event, should any sitting president go on a comedy show? Or should he give one serious interview on his way back to Washington?


These senators still have jobs. And their job is not to campaign, it is to serve in the senate. That comes first. So you tell me who is acting "presidential."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bill thinks Sarah is "hot"

Hide the interns, lock up your daughters. Bill is on the prowl.
"I come from Arkansas, I get why she's hot out there," Clinton said. "Why she's doing well...People look at her, and they say, 'All those kids. Something that happens in everybody's family. I'm glad she loves her daughter and she's not ashamed of her. Glad that girl's going around with her boyfriend. Glad they're going to get married.' I like that little Down syndrome kid."


I like that little womanizing ex-president.

Biden, the laughingstock, wants to raise taxes.
Noting that wealthier Americans would indeed pay more, Biden said: "It's time to be patriotic ... time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut."

I just have a question.

Taxes are patriotic? I thought dissent was patriotic. How about I dissent against new taxes - will that be patriotic?

I just couldn't resist

*Liberal buzzwords in parenthesis, italicized

The LA times, jealous they didn't break the Palin hacker story, blasts the blogosphere for not having "evidence." But How would the FBI, who traced his IP to a UT dorm through a proxy service, get a search warrant with no evidence? (Vetted.)

Dear Liberal Media: Your growing irrelevance in the eyes of Americans is evident by the fact that your readership is plummeting because you write stories about Obama at a ratio of 300:1, and half of you "journalists" have been fired because nobody wants to purchase and read your biased editorials that you pass off as news. (Gravitas.)

The same goes for your buddies in the entertainment industry. All those war movies that nobody wants to go see? Lions for Lambs? Redacted? Rendition? Box office flops. The Emmy's with all the cutesy political jokes? Lowest rated ever.

Who wants to pay to be abused?

Most of us bloggers are commentators. And as such, we don't have to censor ourselves. But, as we all knew it would, the story turned out to be true. You whine about how your professional journalistic integrity was compromised because, as is becoming more and more common, you got shown up by the unwashed masses of bitter clingers in flyover country with free blogger accounts. Maybe you media guys shouldn't have sat on a story because it would've been critical of a fellow liberal (we just can't have that.) The bloggers had no choice but to break this story, because we knew you (the media) wouldn't. Now all you are doing is calling us out for being right, because you are tied up in knots at your own inadequacy. (Nuance.)

Can someone please arrest the blogosphere and put them all away? Don't worry about gathering evidence or building a case, just lock them up and throw away the key — they'd do the same to you.

Can someone please arrest the liberal media? (Hope.)

Did it stop you from speculating, with no evidence, over Sarah Palin using her yahoo mail for state business? (False.) Firing some guy because he did her sister-in-law wrong? (False.) Having an affair? (False.) Speaking in tongues from the pulpit while invoking God as the reason we went to war? (False.) Or the comical SNL sketch insinuating Todd Palin has sex with his daughters? (Hey, maybe it's not false. It IS Alaska after all.) (Oversight.)

Not only is the liberal media jealous, but some of my readers are even having hissy fits. User Robert D. Nelson posts a very helpful rambling conspiracy theory about how Palin herself hacked into a state employee's email. But how can that be? I thought Palin was so so so stupid... stupid enough to pick a yahoo email, stupid enough to not have better hints to her password... How could she POSSIBLY be in charge of national security? She got hacked by a 20 year old! BUT she's smart enough to break into another employee's email. Thanks for all the helpful info, Robert D. Nelson. 9/11 was an inside job! It's Bush's War! Not in my name! When you leave, don't forget to take your tinfoil hat. (Regulation.)

Jordan asks, "What did you prove with this post? I mean besides what rubico already proved; that is: everything online can be accessed by anyone with a decent brain. Kudos to you for finding a facebook, a myspace, and a blog. All of which are designed to ALLOW people to find you." Oh really, Jordan? If it was so easy, then why didn't you find it and post it first? Because it's soooo difficult, or because you're an Obamacrat who didn't want to bother exposing a fellow liberal? Jordan's and other liberals issue is, I suspect, not the fact that it takes an unusual amount of intellect to gather public information - they are angry because we didn't sit back and let the liberal media break the story first so they could apply their usual spin to it. (Change.)

Face it media, you got punk'd by a bunch of bloggers! Eaux no! Foiled.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Breaking News: There are black people in Alaska!

This is Maryline Blackburn, who beat Sarah Palin in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant, when Palin got 1st runner up and Miss Congeniality. Someone might wanna tell P. Diddy, who wisely opined on Sept. 1, "Alaska? Alaska? I don't even know if there's any black people in Alaska...Alaska? What is the reality in Alaska. There's not even crackheads in Alaska ... no black people. No crime." Wait, so black = crime? Anyways...


"She had this look about her, this look in her eyes that tells you she's calculating, figuring out, 'how am I going to win this competition?,' " Blackburn recalls. "There was a determination there."

Blackburn is now an Obama supporter. ::egads::

(h/t People)

Friday, September 19, 2008

But the media has already raped her!

Sandra Berhardt says Sarah Palin would be gang raped by blacks if she set foot in Manhattan. Must be because she's cute.

The Washington Examiner calls Bernhardt's comments "enraged optimism." Well I'd be enraged too if I was as fugly as she is!

Grateful the Obama campaign is Dead
Saying Barack Obama embodies political hope absent since Robert Kennedy was slain 40 years ago, three surviving members of the Grateful Dead rock band reunited on Monday for the first time in four years to back the presidential candidate.

Is he serious? These people aren't even going to get out of BED on election day, and if they did they would become lost in a pot induced haze. There's even a new Obama Grateful Dead logo - cheeeeesy!


What exactly is going to be fired up? Their bong?

UPDATE: Wait a sec - these guys are STILL stumping for RFK? Are we in a time warp? What year is this? How about Ben & Jerry's does a new flavor - Cold-Stoned Aging Hippies with a Swirl of Extra Nuttiness. It will go right next to the Cherry Garcia!

Well, whatevness. If it makes U happy.


On September 18, SNP was the #1 result on google for searches of "david kernell." Thanks for reading!

It is time to move on now. But congratulations, David! Instead of serving time (thanks to Daddy's connections!), leftist hipster programming companies (or maybe even the fair and balanced Associated Press), will be coming out of the woodwork to offer you jobs (who needs UT?) for such a dogged display of your "hacking" prowess by honorably attempting to bring down a nasty Republican operative who turned out to be as clean and pure as the wind driven snow. Success is not important here. At least you tried!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

And the hacker is...

My name is David KernellI am 15 a white cacasian male i live in memphis, TN.

This bio was posted in 2003 to a blog linked to the email address Now he would be about 20. There is a democrat representative from TN named Mike Kernell. Coincidence?


(h/t: Malkin and her readers)

UPDATE: There is a facebook account registered with the email under the name John Madision. A ruse?

UPDATE: There is a David Carl Kernell on peekyou with a link to a dead myspace page. A google search of "David C Kernell" reveals several links to chess sites (He claims, in his blog, to be a chess freak.)

David Carl Kernell =
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Update: His now-defunct wikipedia account.

What is the possibility that claimed responsibility, but didn't do it? What is the liklihood that himself got hacked? IMO, not likely. It seems like some kid desperately wanted the attention and mistakenly let identifying factors slip (the ctunnel stamp, his email) assuming that people outside of a "hacker" forum wouldn't bother looking.

after the password recovery was reenabled, it took seriously 45 mins on wikipedia and google to find the info, Birthday? 15 seconds on wikipedia, zip code? well she had always been from wasilla, and it only has 2 zip codes (thanks online postal service!)

Gee, how long did it take to find YOUR information, David? Who does something this illegal, leaves a huge trail, and then goes out and brags about it? What a geek.

so I posted the pass on /b/, and then promptly deleted everything, and unplugged my internet and just sat there in a comatose state

until you logged BACK on and blabbed your mouth to the world. Way to go!

UPDATE: New "cracker" pic?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jeez, I hope I never get famous enough for people to search for my 8th grade pictures. I'm starting to feel bad for the guy.

(h/t Hot Air user carbon_footprint)

Terry Frank has up screen caps of David's facebook. He's a member of all sorts of leftist groups (I'm shocked!) and calls himself an Obamacrat.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palin needs to resign NOW

After geting her email hacked, the only hope (and change!) left is in the Obama campaign. All the scandalous details that were exposed are going to destroy her. There's nothing worse than having your coworker email you about... Gasp... PRAYER... And having your teen daughter send salacious photos of herself with her eyes crossed while holding her infant brother. This campaign is over. The Lord Most High Obama wins.

Yay for infanticide! Government is cool again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First of all.

1. Jesus was a carpenter.
2. Bill Clinton was a governor.
3. Since when do leftists believe in the Bible?

Lindsay Lohan is a Heterophobe

First, Rosie dabbles in haiku. Then Pam, the worldwide expert on sucking, gives us some tips. Starring Matt Damon? Now that's a really bad movie. Now LesLo gets on her soapbox. This circusfreak sideshow is so entertaining!

Where do I even BEGIN with LesLo's wisdom? So many rumors and lies. LesLo - Step away from the keyboard. The drugs and DUI's have fried your brain. Didn't any of the 14 stints in rehab by the age of 22 work for you? This is what happens when Celebutards blog.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who am I?

- I'm under 45 years old
- I love the outdoors
- I hunt
- I am a Republican reformer
- I have taken on the Republican Party establishment
- I have many children
- I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor's office.

Who am I?
Teddy Roosevelt.
(h/t WSJ)

Biden makes me want to up-Chuck

He told a guy in a wheel chair to stand up. "Chuck Graham, state senator's here, stand up, Chuck, let em see you, oh, God love ya, what am I talking about? I tell ya what, you're makin everybody else stand up though, pal. I tell ya what, stand up for Chuck! Can ya tell I'm new?"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If you put lipstick on Obama, he's still ... a Muslim.

I will refrain from posting the matching graphic... but I really really want to. (h/t Lisa)

Paglia says "Palin has made the biggest step forward in feminism since Madonna" which sounds like a backhanded compliment, but got it right when she said, "Democrats are quick to attack the religiosity of Republicans, but Democratic ideology itself seems to have become a secular substitute religion. Since when did Democrats become so judgmental and intolerant? Conservatives are demonized, with the universe polarized into a Manichaean battle of us versus them, good versus evil. Democrats are clinging to pat group opinions as if they were inflexible moral absolutes. The party is in peril if it cannot observe and listen and adapt to changing social circumstances."

Obama and his whole party are coming undone. The stuttering when he tries to speak without a prompter, the Freudian slips about pigs, the campaign sending out emails to hack Palin's wikipedia page... The end is near for the messianic man-child.

Monday, September 8, 2008

All of a sudden polls don't count

I personally think polls are meaningless, but the liberals who worship them are all of a sudden backtracking.

First, Bush had a low approval rating, but the fact that Congress' was lower was irrelevant. Now, pundits like Andrew Romano are struggling to explain McCain's 10 point jump in the USA/Gallup poll:
"While most polling outfits at this stage focus solely on registered voters (i.e., anyone who answers the phone and is registered to vote), Gallup has also turned its attention to likely voters."

And what about those "likely" voters in 2004, who promoted Kerry in droves, but didn't even get out of bed on election day? That must not count.

Yet the most ironic reason given by Romano is one that is always used in liberals' favor, until now:
"Presidential elections are fought on a state-by-state basis--not in the national polls."

O rly? How quickly memories of 2004 fade.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Obama speech = 38.3 million viewers on 10 networks
Palin speech = 37.2 million viewers on 6 networks

(h/t Allah)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Levi has Bristol tattoo'd on his ring finger

Whatta guy. The libs, reprimanded by everyone for F.A.T.M. over Bristol (even Biden, who now says she is "off limits" ), are now just collectively rolling their eyes over the fact that this baby is going to have a father.
But Bristol's hand wasn't the only thing Johnson was displaying on his fingers. As TV cameras were able to reveal, the 18-year-old hockey player is also sporting a tattoo that reads "Bristol" – located exactly where a wedding ring would go.

Pics at People.
Capitalism at work.

We're the ones with the babe on the ticket!

No crackheads in Alaska! Show your pride.

Piper fixes Trig's hair

Cutest thing everrrr.

There were "no black people" in our audience? Interesting. Because the only thing I noticed missing was all of the blubbering, stuttering, bawling, elitist "celebrities" that Obama had. What a contrast. What hope. What change!

She knocked it OUT of the park, then up to the moon, and back and forth a few times.

An excerpt:

“Since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves,” Palin said. “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.”
The Obama camp responded with:

“The speech that Governor Palin gave was well delivered, but it was written by George Bush’s speechwriter and sounds exactly like the same divisive, partisan attacks we’ve heard from George Bush for the last eight years. If Governor Palin and John McCain want to define ‘change’ as voting with George Bush 90% of the time, that’s their choice, but we don’t think the American people are ready to take a 10% chance on change,” said Bill Burton, Obama campaign spokesman.
Who writes your speeches, Barack? And why don't they at least try to make it look like you have more experience than a college kid? I have a news flash for you: George Bush is not running for office, so why are you running against him?

Biden, you Palin comparison

I checked out the interview on NBC this morning with Biden, who is literally shaking in his boots. He called Palin "formidable" when asked if she would be good during the debates.

Biden, start digging your grave now- she is going to rip you to shreds! This is the toughest, most confident, amazing woman that the U.S. has ever seen. She has completely blindsided them from out of nowhere, and try as they might, their attacks are really starting to backfire.

Nobody wants to see her 17-year-old daughter dragged through the mud. Pregnancy rumors? Failed. Down's baby criticism? Mean. Fired some guy? So what.

It's not working, liberals, so give it up. Y'all are starting to sound like bitter clingers.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Calling all stupid women!

Andrea Mitchell, NBC's paragon of intelligence and virtue, says that Sarah Palin will get the "uneducated women" vote. Careful, Andrea - the dumb, hick soccer mom makes up a huge part of the electorate. I guess all the smart women will be voting for Biden, the most boring VP snoozefest in the history of the world.

The fair and balanced treatment towards Palin continue in this week's UsWeekly.

On the one hand, we have her headline of "LIES! BABIES! WORKING MOTHER! OH THE HORROR." (By the way, what "lies" are they talking about? But anyways...)

Compare her cover story to the gentle, warm, feel-good treatment Obama received last year:

What liberal media bias?

Sarah Palin is more of a man than Barack Obama

Andrea Peyser hits the nail on the head in her article A Time Warped Sexist Assault:

When Joe Biden tragically lost his wife and infant daughter in a car wreck in 1972, not a single colleague, friend or competitor advised him to quit his newly won Senate seat to raise his two little surviving sons.

Isn't it great when men, or democrat women, can have it all - a career and a family? But those prejudiced, evangelical housewives need to sit down, shut up, and stay home with their babies. And Sarah Palin, forget it. She just needs to resign.

***Levi Alert!***

I will be tuning in tonight for the convention, not just for Palin's speech but for the hot deliciousness of Bristol's man. Wow!

No crackheads in Alaska

Lastly, the eloquent P. Diddy claims that there are no black people, drugs, or crackheads in Alaska.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

tee hee!
(h/t Bryan at Che-Mart)

Bristol's babydad gets blasted for stepping up

Why is this "scandal" so scandalous? If only Palin were a democrat, this would be a resume enhancement! Not only do we have the hottest women, but Bristol's babydad, Levi, is a smoking hot, manly hockey player, who is stepping up and taking care of his biznass, standing by Bristol's side at the convention and planning to (gasp) marry her.

Levi Johnston's mother said her 18-year-old son left Alaska on Tuesday morning to join the Palin family at the convention where Sen. John McCain will officially receive the Republican nomination for president. The boy's mother, Sherry Johnston, said there had been no pressure put on her son to marry 17-year-old Bristol Palin and the two teens had made plans to wed before it was known she was pregnant.

"This is just a bonus," Johnston said.

The SanFran moonbats are just teeming with jealousy, as this years buzzword "vetted" gets tossed about as much as 2005's "levees." User "nonunion" says in the comments:

Underage sex is illegal.Having a baby without being married is a sin according to the bible.Boy,she raised them well.Another phony christian who claims "Family values".

Yes, and claiming family values is better than claiming no values.


Democrats release Palin's SSN

What can you do if the only scandals Palin has are firing some guy and catching fish illegally? Ruin her credit, of course.

In Part 4,849 of the Attempted Destruction of Sarah Palin, we join our antagonists as they try not just to destroy her, but to take the destroyed pieces and rip those up into even smaller pieces. I guess smearing the life of a 17 year old girl, or making fun of a handicapped infant isn't enough anymore. (h/t Red State)

Can the jealous nutroots come out to play?

***F.A.T.M. ALERT***

Susan Reimer is SOOO insulted.

Palin's personal story is very compelling, but it reads more like a movie pitch than a resume for national leadership. Champion high school athlete, beauty queen. Married to her high school sweetheart. Car-pooling supermom who went from PTA activist to mayor of her tiny (population 9,000) Alaskan town. Fisherman, sportswoman, hunter. Speaks truth to power in a state corrupted by oil. Has a son headed to Iraq. A woman who made the decision to carry to term a baby she knew to be developmentally disabled.

Jeez! Cat fight! Jealous much?? On top of this, Palin is smart and confident, experienced, beautiful, feminine... The list goes on.

Look around you, Susan. Does anybody notice which party has all the hot women? Cindy & Meaghan McCain, all the Palin women, Laura Bush & the Twins. Conservative Republicanism does wonders for your beauty, rather than the festering jealous anger of liberalism.

Carrie from Sykesville, MD sums up my opinion pretty well in the comments:

Does the fact that she is attractive make her less credible? Is a woman's credibility only measured in sour expressions and pantsuits?
Apparently! All this America's Sweetheart stuff is supposed to make us HATE HER! Palin has all the liberal stereotypes (disabled baby, half-Eskimo husband, pregnant daughter) but isn't a liberal... This is just inexcusable! Susan Reimer's head is about to explode like those fem-bots in Austin Powers.