Monday, September 8, 2008

All of a sudden polls don't count

I personally think polls are meaningless, but the liberals who worship them are all of a sudden backtracking.

First, Bush had a low approval rating, but the fact that Congress' was lower was irrelevant. Now, pundits like Andrew Romano are struggling to explain McCain's 10 point jump in the USA/Gallup poll:
"While most polling outfits at this stage focus solely on registered voters (i.e., anyone who answers the phone and is registered to vote), Gallup has also turned its attention to likely voters."

And what about those "likely" voters in 2004, who promoted Kerry in droves, but didn't even get out of bed on election day? That must not count.

Yet the most ironic reason given by Romano is one that is always used in liberals' favor, until now:
"Presidential elections are fought on a state-by-state basis--not in the national polls."

O rly? How quickly memories of 2004 fade.