Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bristol's babydad gets blasted for stepping up

Why is this "scandal" so scandalous? If only Palin were a democrat, this would be a resume enhancement! Not only do we have the hottest women, but Bristol's babydad, Levi, is a smoking hot, manly hockey player, who is stepping up and taking care of his biznass, standing by Bristol's side at the convention and planning to (gasp) marry her.

Levi Johnston's mother said her 18-year-old son left Alaska on Tuesday morning to join the Palin family at the convention where Sen. John McCain will officially receive the Republican nomination for president. The boy's mother, Sherry Johnston, said there had been no pressure put on her son to marry 17-year-old Bristol Palin and the two teens had made plans to wed before it was known she was pregnant.

"This is just a bonus," Johnston said.

The SanFran moonbats are just teeming with jealousy, as this years buzzword "vetted" gets tossed about as much as 2005's "levees." User "nonunion" says in the comments:

Underage sex is illegal.Having a baby without being married is a sin according to the bible.Boy,she raised them well.Another phony christian who claims "Family values".

Yes, and claiming family values is better than claiming no values.