Friday, September 19, 2008

But the media has already raped her!

Sandra Berhardt says Sarah Palin would be gang raped by blacks if she set foot in Manhattan. Must be because she's cute.

The Washington Examiner calls Bernhardt's comments "enraged optimism." Well I'd be enraged too if I was as fugly as she is!

Grateful the Obama campaign is Dead
Saying Barack Obama embodies political hope absent since Robert Kennedy was slain 40 years ago, three surviving members of the Grateful Dead rock band reunited on Monday for the first time in four years to back the presidential candidate.

Is he serious? These people aren't even going to get out of BED on election day, and if they did they would become lost in a pot induced haze. There's even a new Obama Grateful Dead logo - cheeeeesy!


What exactly is going to be fired up? Their bong?

UPDATE: Wait a sec - these guys are STILL stumping for RFK? Are we in a time warp? What year is this? How about Ben & Jerry's does a new flavor - Cold-Stoned Aging Hippies with a Swirl of Extra Nuttiness. It will go right next to the Cherry Garcia!

Well, whatevness. If it makes U happy.