Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Can the jealous nutroots come out to play?

***F.A.T.M. ALERT***

Susan Reimer is SOOO insulted.

Palin's personal story is very compelling, but it reads more like a movie pitch than a resume for national leadership. Champion high school athlete, beauty queen. Married to her high school sweetheart. Car-pooling supermom who went from PTA activist to mayor of her tiny (population 9,000) Alaskan town. Fisherman, sportswoman, hunter. Speaks truth to power in a state corrupted by oil. Has a son headed to Iraq. A woman who made the decision to carry to term a baby she knew to be developmentally disabled.

Jeez! Cat fight! Jealous much?? On top of this, Palin is smart and confident, experienced, beautiful, feminine... The list goes on.

Look around you, Susan. Does anybody notice which party has all the hot women? Cindy & Meaghan McCain, all the Palin women, Laura Bush & the Twins. Conservative Republicanism does wonders for your beauty, rather than the festering jealous anger of liberalism.

Carrie from Sykesville, MD sums up my opinion pretty well in the comments:

Does the fact that she is attractive make her less credible? Is a woman's credibility only measured in sour expressions and pantsuits?
Apparently! All this America's Sweetheart stuff is supposed to make us HATE HER! Palin has all the liberal stereotypes (disabled baby, half-Eskimo husband, pregnant daughter) but isn't a liberal... This is just inexcusable! Susan Reimer's head is about to explode like those fem-bots in Austin Powers.