Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey Obama! I have a bracelet tooooOooo!!

NYPo Critiques Palin's Outfits

Hey, did you guys know that Sarah Palin is an ordinary hockey mom who's just like the rest of us? After all this time, I've never picked that up. But Robin Givhan, poorly reigning in her annoyance, discovers this breaking news and gives us a complete rundown of why Palin is just so gosh-darn average.

Her clothes don't have the aura of sophistication like that of Michelle Obama's sheaths and pearls. They do not have a patina of glamour like Cindy McCain's heiress wardrobe. And they do not announce themselves with the confidence, assertiveness and listen-to-me-ness of Sen. Hillary Clinton's bold pantsuits. Palin's clothes are common ... There is nothing remotely striking about her eyeglasses. It's only notable in an age of contact lenses and Lasik surgery that anyone in the public spotlight regularly wears them at all...

ZOMG!!11 BUT EVERY1 GETS LASIKK!?! Unless you live in some backwoods place where they don't even have those laser machine thingy-s. Get with the times, Pali Pal! Everybody's doing it! Commenter jeff07080 points out:
everyone knows why Hillary doesn't wear skirts.Her testicles would show.

Skirts, not pantsuits.