Thursday, July 7, 2011

"JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!!" (from mentally deranged people)

"Our landscape in this country has changed. People have no reservations about walking up to an individual, pulling a gun or knife...and because they disagree with them, hurt them or kill them." - Judge Belvin Perry

Vigilante justice gone-wild continues. Not only have there been threats on Casey's life from mentally deranged women stalking the courthouse (perfect mothers, obviously), but also on those of the jurors. There is now talk from pundits demanding that the jurors' names be released. How wonderful. Now, instead of just one group of wackjobs camped outside the Anthony's residence, there will be multiple death threats made by middle-aged women screaming "JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!" stalking jurors who are just doing their civilian duties under the law. We have 12-17 people, none of whom committed a crime or had anything to do with the decisions that Casey made which ruined her and her family's lives. It is one thing to opine about Casey's bad decisions, but to harass and be enraged at 12-17 civilians doing their duty and following a judges orders, is beyond the pale.

The anger in this case stems from two factions:

1) Armchair Detectives. There is talk from Nancy Grace-sycophants saying that jurors should "stand up" and be "held accountable." Be accountable for what? Looking at only the evidence and not letting bad-mom-derangement take over their common sense? These jurors are people, from all walks of life - poor, educated, young and old - who were essentially drafted against their will and held captive away from their families for weeks. Why do they deserve such derision?

2) The media. They feel so slighted that they can't get a story from jurors who wish to remain private. Oh, boo hoo! God forbid not everyone would want to speak to them and bare their souls, just to be trashed and maligned during the edit cut. Is it any wonder? Jennifer Ford is already afraid for her life, safety, and believes that media are following her to her home. Why would any juror in their right mind want to come forward in all this madness and hostility? What person would even want to serve on a jury ever again, if they faced media contempt and animosity from psychotic armchair detectives?

This is, plain and simple, anger over a lack of control. The protesters and media believe that Casey has been so wiley (with that smirk on her face) and slipped from their hateful grasp, and it makes them furious. The jurors are the next in line available to feel their wrath. Interestingly, the judge, who only sentenced Casey to six more days (which could have been a year), escapes unscathed. His lofty position in this drama apparently means he does not have to answer for his decisions. The jury is a much easier target.

The Salem Witch Trials have apparently been long, long forgotten. At that time, if you didn't believe the accused was a witch, then you were accused of being a witch. There was no middle ground. The Anthony jury, resistant to the mob mentality, fits the bill of refusing to be pigeon-holed into the media template. Therefore, they must be destroyed. But the mob should put down the pitchforks and torches, take a deep breath and ponder: Would Caylee want you to hurt almost 20 people to avenge her death from unknown reasons?

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