Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My opinions on the Casey Anthony trial

The jury got it right.

One of three things happened to Caylee:

1. Casey murdered her;
2. It was an accident that was Casey’s fault;
3. It was an accident that was her parents’ fault.

The evidence shown did not prove which of the three possibilities it could have been. Therefore, how could Casey be prosecuted?

An alternate juror, Russell Huekler, made several important points:

- The duct tape was not wrapped around Caylee’s head. It was on the trash bag and consisted of three small pieces. This doesn’t differentiate between murder and an accident. Improper disposal of a body? Yes, but that’s not what Casey was charged with.
- Friends of Casey testified that she was a good, loving mother. He never saw evidence that she was abusive or a bad mother.
- Chloroform residue can come from cleaning supplies.
- Partying does not make someone a murderer.
- The family is dysfunctional and was probably involved, so all the blame cannot be placed on Casey with a disproportionate sentence.
- The jury did not consider sexual abuse in their verdict.

But why would Casey search for chloroform? What nobody mentions is that her ex-boyfriend put a photo with the words “win her over with chloroform” on his Myspace page before the searches happened on the Anthony home computer. Casey likely would have been scared that her boyfriend would have resulted to violence with her and wanted to know what chloroform was. If anyone’s computer search history was scoured, it’s likely that almost everyone’s would include something “incriminating.” I have done searches for serial killers on my computer, but I’m not a serial killer. God forbid I get charged with anything – GUILTY!

I personally think that Caylee’s death was an accident that was Casey’s fault, and the parents helped her to cover it. Remember the words of George Anthony’s mistress: He said it was “an accident that snowballed.” Casey was scared because she didn’t want to get in trouble for recklessness (which obviously backfired), so she tried to hide that Caylee was dead. The mom didn’t know, and called 911 about the “smell” because she was worried that Caylee was gone. Casey then tells her parents about the accident, and the family attempts their coverup to protect Casey. Mom then says that the “smell” was rotting pizza (which is consistent with an expert opinion). The father, a former detective, knows that he can make it look like a homicide by putting Caylee in the ditch, but happened to wrap her in the same manner that the Anthony family had buried their previous pets.

The prosecution did not show that Casey was a bad mother, only that she liked to party. In the photos, it is likely that Casey was experiencing PTSD or lack of emotion due to abuse. I don’t know. Yes, it was wrong of her. But partying doesn’t mean she killed anyone. People who aren’t murderers have strange reactions all the time. Some people don’t cry at their family members’ funerals. It only means that they deal with emotion differently than most people.

Casey is a liar, and was rightfully convicted of lying to police. But lying does not make someone a killer. Due to her fear of being accused of negligence, she led police on a wild goose chase and should be punished. She has spent almost the requisite four years in jail, which is fair. But Casey never lied in court, unlike her parents.

We have a unique situation when a woman is accused of killing her children. Some are guilty, but all are assumed guilty. Why do you think that these cases receive so much media attention? Men have killed their children before, but there is a “special place in hell” (Shepard Smith) for a woman accused of the same. In our society, it is unfathomable that a woman could be emotionally detached from her children, and for this she should be punished, whether in the courts or in the media, with the worst possible punishment. Regardless if Casey was or wasn’t emotionally detached (the evidence shows she loved her daughter) it was assumed that she was a cruel, heartless mother, because there was the “body in a ditch” story. Even though there’s no proof that it was Casey and not George (or some random other person) who put Caylee there. Women have pressure on them to be the "perfect mother," and there is retribution if they fail. Therefore a media witch hunt is appropriate. Niel Boortz has said that Casey is a tramp and should pose for Penthouse. Why wasn’t OJ called a tramp and told to pose for Playgirl?

Enough with the shrill, middle-aged women with torches and pitchforks (Nancy Grace, I’m talking to you) screaming “JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!” There are currently message boards about this topic with a gamut of threats towards Casey, telling her that “Karma is a bitch” and “She better watch her back.” It is true vigilante justice gone wild, against a woman who was proven not guilty by the courts, from people who were not privy to the evidence that jurors were. The comments directed towards the jurors for being “dumb hicks,” and comments deriding the whole state of Florida are equally appalling.

The jury is not to blame – the prosecution is to blame for dwelling on the death penalty, and presenting the weak “proof” of a dead body “smell.” It is likely that if they had tried Casey for negligence, she would have been found guilty. But murder? Where is the proof that Casey herself murdered Caylee and placed her body in the ditch? Oh, duct tape matched to the house, you say. How do you know George didn’t do it? Manslaughter – no proof (The parents could have been responsible for the accident.) Child abuse – Casey’s friends say she was a loving mother, and video/photos of Casey with Caylee show the same.

Let me ask you this: If it was an accident, why does there need to be “JUSTICE!!!” at all? Is it justice to put someone to death without proper evidence?