Friday, July 8, 2011

Myth: There was duct tape placed over Caylee's mouth.

Let's talk about the myth that "nobody would put duct tape over their child's mouth if they died from an accident." In court, evidence was shown that duct tape was on the BAG, not over Caylee's mouth, and it was three small pieces. In addition to this, by the time Caylee was found, she didn't have a mouth, only bones, which had been tampered with by Roy Kronk. The tape was never placed over where her mouth was.

The idea that there was ever "duct tape over Caylee's mouth" was a theory, fabricated by the prosecution who were trying to convince the jury, media, and protest mob that Casey smothered Caylee to death. Unfortunately for them, duct tape just laying in a bag with a couple of hairs attached to it doesn't mean it was ever on Caylee's mouth.

The only thing this evidence proves is that someone wrongfully disposed of a body. Casey was not charged with wrongfully disposing of a body, she was charged with murder, and a body in a bag does not prove murder over accident.

People are emotional right now, and keep perpetrating the MYTH that "little Caylee was suffocated with duct tape and had her lifeless body carelessly wrapped in a garbage bag and tossed in a swamp" because it helps them to grasp to meaning in a pointless death. Even though there is no proof whatsoever, just prosecution conjecture, that duct tape was used to smother, rather than just wrap the bag closed.